CCC In Memory List

Ellis Jones                           1955-2015

Ellis was active in Tennessee chess for many years and continued his contributions to the game after he relocated out of state finally settling in North Carolina. A strong Expert rated player, Ellis was always willing to help lesser players improve their chess knowledge and play. – ME

Freddie Fabreo                 1943-2014

I do not think that I have met anyone who enjoyed over the board chess pay more than Freddie Fabreo. He was, also,  a strong, well rounded player who schooled many of us in classical play. – ME

Sasha Lokshin                   1920-2013

Though Sasha attended the club late in life, he thoroughly enjoyed and was well versed in the game of chess. His nimble mind could handle any time control from blitz to action chess. – ME

Chris Friberg                      1970-2009

Chris became a friend of all who interacted with him at the club. It just could not be helped. He loved chess and the companionship of over the board play. He had a particular fondness for bughouse chess. – ME

Gladys Crates                    1943-2007

Mrs. Crates was Rea Hayes’ eldest daughter and became a major sponsor of the tournament held in his honor. She contributed significantly to the 2006 Rea Hayes Open and even helped at the check in and registration desk! – ME

Rea Hayes                           1915-2001

Please see our tribute to Rea on this site. – ME

Doug Nichols                     1957-1994

Doug was instrumental in reviving the CCC in the 1990’s. No better tribute can be posted than that written by Rea Hayes for the 1995 TCA newsletter. – ME

James F. Sweets               ?

James was the 1969 State Champion and was active in the Chattanooga Chess Club up to the date of his passing. – ME